Detective Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson

Have you ever seen a work created by B.B.C. that haven’t grabbed your attention as an audience, ever ? Well ,the answer is nope,right? I thought so.

We will be talking about a unique production of them , a British Television Series ; Sherlock ,which is an updated version of the Sherlock Homles detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat as co-creators had the idea to bring Sherlock Holmes back to modern times.So it is basically an adaptation. I personally am absolutely fascinated by their interpretation and adaptation .The picky audience like me, will be so grateful till the rest of our lives to them. Thank God for them!


Thank you Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for creating a masterpiece and such a character.Did you know that there is a shocking fact about the relationship between Doyle and his fictional character Holmes? As the character began to surpass its writer’s fame day by day, Doyle got so jealous of the character he created that ,he actually wrote the character off by making him fall off a cliff. Upon that tragic end readers rioted him to the point that he had to make Sherlock come back to life. Hilariously Interesting huh ? Yeah, these are totally true.Now try to imagine to what level the stories and the main character were loved.  Your work is in safe hands now  Mr Doyle, you may rest in peace.

Now ,read the rest of the article to be amazed and walk the paths to the fandom. Beware, mine has long struck to alarmingly crazy level. And warning:  it seems to be highly contagious. I’m very close to form a teen fandom page any minute and I’m scared of what I could do. Kidding.Chill guys. I won’t just yet.  Nope, I’m an adult.  Dammit ! 😉


These are Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis.They are the cocreators and cowriters of the series.They only make three episodes for each season. They are the heartless guys who make us wait for the third season for years and years .:D Target acquired,attack ! 😀 Actually I  have seen any series Moffat has directed.I actually follow him since a good while starting from Press Gang.And I want to follow him on twitter , too.Hey mister what up not having a twitter account ,yo? 😀  I adoooore his works and I respect this living genius . 😀

Victorian times Sherlock comes back to life as a contemporary  persona. How crazy is that ? What they created has a modern twist that sticks to the original work .That must the most challenging  part about creating the series.What they did was being true to the original script while adapting, it in other words,making it come to life in another era with a brand new interpretation of their own. This is more or less Moffat described what they did in the show.

What attracts at first sight about the series is its cinematography. Other than a variety of settings, scenes are mainly being shot in Cardiff. As to the portrayal of London ; it is a vivid intermingle of prehistory,antiquity and modern age. You can actually feel the 21 century city living in Victorian manner.Because it is successfully presented juxtaposed like that. Director of photography of the series did a challenging  job succeeding in making the picture frames quite vibrant and vivid in a refined Victorian soul.The Victorian era is known for its interpretation and eclectic revival of historic styles mixed with the middle east and Asian influences in furniture, fittings, and interior decoration.Their primary act to do, I think, was to observe the Victorian period and making a slight touch of it to the modern day. From the interiors to the costumes that touch makes itself obvious to the keen observers right away. They adapted the work very smoothly ,that is why, we almost believe we could knock on the door of the 221B Baker Street and could easily say hi to the freak and the doc  there without ever thinking or hesitating a second that those kind of people could actually live there. 😀 When you as an audience see doc Watson and the Sherlock’s flat , it feels as if you would almost be able to actually smell the dust and the air in the room .The flat seems neither too modern nor too shabby.It is what is exactly supposed to be.The interior design suggests that it is exactly the flat contemporary Holmes would live in. It is the home of a modern technology using, internet surfing,credit card using, cigarette addict( notice : not a pipe but cigarette ),nicotine patch using, fast speaking,violin playing ,sarcastic, peculiar, sociopath( as he calls himself ), arrogant, genius, cell phone owner ,consultive detective Holmes.

You could have a look at the old and the modern representations of the flat in various times and means in the photos below.Then you will get why it is such a hard work to adapt the work and the setting to this very day.holmesroom

This is an image map of part of the original 1951 Sherlock Holmes exhibiton.These two are too rusty and old , right ? Boooring ! 😀


                        From ‘My Life With Sherlock Holmes: Conversations in Baker Street’, by John H. Watson, M.D.

Sherlock 2 Specials

Oh la la ! And Look at the Interiors of the house where our time version Sherlock and Watson lives in as flatmates .We see Sherlock’s sitting room.Yeah baby,right in the money! They have a laptop to use as Sherlock has an internet site of his own called ”Science of Deduction” where he writes about his detective art : solving difficult cases of crime with his own techniques and reasoning. Watson ,too, uses laptop for  writing a blog  about what he goes through assisting (dealing with) him. 😀 Notice; he is not writing a memoir like the old Watson does in the original stories of Doyle’s but a blog , that is, in our century there are no memoirs existent currently but blogs…They are perfectly adapted to the century.They use social media  and internet tools effectively.


This is the famous  tea drinking ceremony before the fireplace with Moriarty ; to me I could say that this scene is one of the most important scenes in the entire series up till now. Actually the scene speaks for itself.Look at it. Even the choice of cups and teapot is both Victorian British and stylish in a modern taste.The way the refined 21. Century gentlemen were seated, their  ways ,manners , communication .They were all impressive.That was one fantastic scene ! No spoilers , chill…Bloody hell! I’m literally dying inside to tell things.Yeah yeah ‘’I owe you’’ that later. 😀 Just one thing, those who haven’t , bloody watch it already dammit ! Grr,It is almost impossible to write something spoilerfree. 😀 I cannot spoilproof my article every second. There are bits and pieces spilled all over inadvertently .You just cannot help it. 😀


Here we see a scene where Watson is in the house in total bewilderment and terror about what Sherlock does or says in that very moment.This is by no means a surprise to us though, it is always this way.Who can bear such kind of narcissism united with that amount of intelligence ? Even a person of nerves of steel like Watson -who used to be an army doctor in Afghanistan in the midst of a heavy war- can barely bear it. 🙂 As to the house I think, this is the right kind of mess Sherlock would have had.I mean look at the library. 😀 You should see the refrigerator, and what is in it..haha( Can’t I just give a very very mild hintlike spoiler? 😦 )

In the original books of Doyle’s, Watson’s role is rather more focused on his  story telling.But here in the series we see him in action by the side of Sherlock ,assisting( enduring  a rough ride 😀 )him solving cases. What we feel and think about Sherlock the freak is directly reflected in his face.So in a way we always symphatize with him.The actor ,Martin Freeman ( I’d like to call him Mr Mimics ) uses his mimickings so great that , it is impossible not to symphatize with Doctor Watson he depicts.Congrats to him.I think this is why audience adore him.Yep, count me in also. 😀Görsel

Look what I have run into.This drawing of the floorplan immmediately got my attention while surfing the net .Hımm let me get my magnifying glass. 😀 Oh wow maybe the whole garments & accesories boots below OK OK enough with the fangirl attitude.:D


As to the characterization and the story; this part will be hell for me as I will not be able to give spoilers.Dammit ! According to Wikipedia the literal definiton of spoiler is like this ; A spoiler is an element of a disseminated summary or description of any piece of fiction that reveals any plot elements which threaten to give away important details concerning the turn of events of a dramatic episode.More like torture to me I just get that I have to shut up now.But I won’t. I guess little slips are allowed.  So,those who have read the book or watched the series can go on reading.The others; why are u stil reading here anyway ? Go read the book and watch the series already.Geese! All right all right ,I’m going to cut to the chase. 🙂

Sherlock Holmes : He is an infamous, eccentric consulting detective. He is famous for his astute logical reasoning .He uses forensic science skills to solve cases police cannot handle.He has an insatiable urge to dig deep into the unsolved myseries and  bring things to light.Figuratively speaking, he has a mega vision.Or maybe a magnified vision ,considering Sherlock Holmes has always been associated with a magnifying glass. All in all ,he is really spellbinding.However you should know that there are many things absolutely wrong about him. 🙂  Admittedly, I have never been in love with a T.V. character before seeing the amazing portrayal of Sherlock by Benedict Cumberbatch.I think, he is some sort of a God! No offense Gods.He is who he is.Daang I had it all figured out now: maybe he is an alien and these are all a test on us.Like how much talent we could resist. In fact this is another essay subject.I shall it the ‘’Psyche of the Cumberbitches’’. Actually Urban Dictionary has already explained the phenomenon for us like this:

Cumberbitch : word of the day: May 25, 20131.Any woman who has a deep fasination with the wonderful, beautiful, talented English stage and on-screen actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
2. A reference given to people who admire the beautiful features of Benedict Cumberbatch. ex- his green eyes, beautiful cheekbones, sexy toussled hair.4

I think,the definition speaks for itself. I admit that I’m a member of this cult. And I too, suffer from this situation badly. 😀

Oh wow look at that ; the word cumberbitch is in bold letters.We ,the cumberbitches, are a character in the show! We are there but noone can see or hear us like fairy godmothers so I’ll leave it as it is.  Don’t thank bitches, it was a hearty thing .Your welcome yo. 😀

Dr.John Watson : Holmes’ close friend , assistant and chronicler.A retired army doctor.They share a flat together.It could be not wrong to say that if Sherlock is the brains , he is the muscle. But Watson  is also very intellectual , and we get the stories as we see him commenting on the cases and asking questions to Sherlock.These questions are generally the questions audience ,too, might wonder.He in a way entangles what goes in Sherlock’s mind so that the disoriented viewer could figure out what is going on.He helps audience to learn how  Sherlock solves the puzzles.Watson writes about the cases in his personal blog as Sherlock’s chronicler.Hey what do you know it even exists in real life 😀 Have a look at it .http://www.johnwatsonblog.co.uk/blog/20april   Watson seems to be fond of Holmes beneath his cold exterior. Even though they always make countless sarcastic remarks to each other and they do not get along that well they have a peculiar bond together.We get that better at the end of the second season.Don’t ask me why.:)

Mrs Hudson : Their landlady.Not their housekeeper unlike Sherlock and John think . 😀

Professor Moriarty :


He is the antagonist. He is a criminal mastermind.He is the Napoleon of crime as Holmes describes.He calls himself a consulting criminal.In the book Holmes described Moriarty further as follows:

He is a man of good birth and excellent education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty. At the age of twenty-one he wrote a treatise upon the binomial theorem which has had a European vogue. On the strength of it, he won the mathematical chair at one of our smaller universities, and had, to all appearances, a most brilliant career before him. But the man had hereditary tendencies of the most diabolical kind. A criminal strain ran in his blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers. Dark rumours gathered round him in the University town, and eventually he was compelled to resign his chair and come down to London. He is the Napoleon of crime, Watson. He is the organiser of half that is evil and of nearly all that is undetected in this great city…3

—Holmes, “The Final Problem”

Holmes, by his own account, was originally led to Moriarty by the suggestion that many of the crimes he perceived were not the spontaneous work of random criminals but the machinations of a vast and subtle criminal ring.[citation needed]

Actually, we do not see him till the second season.We feel his existence, get his importance yet we do not see him till that time.In the Reichenbach Fall episode the series ends with a great cliffhanger caused by him.Those who haven’t ,watch and see. 🙂 And get ready to see some utterly fantastic acting by Andrew Scott. As I think, he is not acting, he is living the scenes.We see a more energetic and younger portrayal by Scott contrary to the one in the book though.I personally liked this interpretation.

Mycroft  HolmesThe last but not the least important character is Mycroft ;  He is the elder brother of Sherlock Holmes.He has a crucial position in British Government.Blah blah blah.More on him later 😀

Will write more later, too. Maybe ages later but still. 🙂

To be continued…

Leyla Durgun Öner

Works cited: 1,2: Wikipedia 3:  Doyle,The Final Problem/Stories of Detetcive Holmes 4: Urban Dictionary (not exactly MLA but u got it :D)



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